West Brook Road Bridge Replacement successfully completed

The West Brook Road Bridge Replacement project is located in Wanaque, New Jersey. The bridge spans the Wanaque Reservoir and is supported by two piers located in approximately 60 ft (18 m) depth of water within the reservoir. Each pier consist of two large diameter drilled shafts, for a total of four drilled shafts. The shafts are 10 ft (3 m) in diameter with depths up to 160 ft (49 m). The overburden consisted of sand, gravel, and glacial till with random boulders. The required rock socket for each shaft was a minimum of 19 ft (6 m) deep with a minimum of 9.5 ft (3 m) diameter. A barge mounted BAUER BG 40 was used to excavate the overburden and rock socket, while the casing was driven by the client with a crane mounted Ape Super Kong Vibrator.