Center Hill Dam Rehabilitation Project keeps making Progress

Progress continues on BAUER Foundation Corp.’s (BFC) Center Hill Dam remediation project. A milestone was hit last month with the completion of the encasement wall and the first three mono blocks effectively sealing off the dam embankment and allowing the construction of the permanent barrier wall. March 3rd marked the beginning of the barrier wall panels that will extend up to three hundred feet below the crest of the dam into the karst limestone below the embankment.

The encasement wall was constructed with overlapping panels that measured 10.5 ft by 7.4 ft and depths up to 200 feet. The work was accomplished using a BAUER MC 128 base unit with a BC 50 trench cutter. The cutter and base unit were specially built for this project. The barrier wall is composed of overlapping panels that measure
10.5 ft by 2.8 ft and depths up to 300 feet deep. These panels are being installed using two BAUER BC 40 cutters with the MC 128 and MC 96 base units.

Other work on the project includes construction of the columnar barrier wall. This section of the wall is installed using secant piles drilled with the BAUER BG 50 drill rig. The BAUER BG 50 is the most powerful piling rig in the BAUER Group. Secant piles were chosen for this section of wall due to the high percentage of fractured rock in this zone of the dam. To date the BG 50 has completed almost half of the primary piles to a depth of 186 feet. Once the primaries are complete the secondary piles will be installed. All major equipment used on this project is the largest of its type available in the world being used on a site with very limited space. The project has very stringent deviation and verticality requirements and Bauer’s fleet and crews have constructed an exceptionally accurate product to the satisfaction of our client.

BFC is primarily engaged in the installation of drilled shaft foundations for heavy construction projects such as high-rise buildings, power plants, transmission lines and bridges, and also performs construction of dam and levee cut-off walls, as well as slurry diaphragm walls for major excavation and tunneling projects. BFC also owns and operates a fabrication and maintenance facility located at its corporate headquarters in Odessa (Tampa) Florida. BFC is the U.S. subsidiary of the world-wide operating BAUER Group based in Schrobenhausen, Germany. The BAUER Group is a world renowned foundation contractor, designer and builder of the world’s finest foundation equipment.

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